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Many parents assume that “everything will work out okay because we’re good people” when their child is arrested. However, the District Attorney doesn’t necessarily see it that way and may charge your child with a crime… no matter what you tell them! Juvenile Defense is critical whether or not your child is guilty of a crime. He or she deserves to be treated fairly by both law enforcement officials and judges. And if you think your child acted wrongly and deserves appropriate consequences, I will work to ensure that your child is not punished excessively or unfairly.

Wasatch Legal Services, PLLC will ensure that your child’s self-esteem and welfare are given the best consideration.

Wasatch Legal Services, PLLC can advise you on all aspects of your child’s important legal matter. If your child is charged with a crime we will insist that they (and you) are treated fairly and respectfully. If the case is not immediately dismissed, I will pursue every opportunity to remove any blemishes from their record through record seals, charge reductions, plea bargains, conditional dismissals and early termination of probation.

It is extremely important that AS SOON AS YOU KNOW your child has been arrested you contact an attorney. Waiting until the first court date removes any chance of taking care of this matter short of court and deprives your child of a well-prepared argument at the first court date.

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